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Grenzenlos – Einblicke in eine unbekannte Privatsammlung

Die Sammlung des 84-jährigen Kunstliebhabers Heiner Hoerni, der in Zofingen lebt, ist nur wenigen bekannt, obwohl sie seit über 50 Jahren gewachsen ist. Seine Sammlung enthält Gemälde, Objekte und Skulpturen von Aargauer Künstler*innen wie Beat Zoderer, Mette Stausland, Rolf Winnewisser, Nesa Gschwend, Silvia Bächli, Ruth Maria Obrist, Mireille Gros, Willi Müller-Brittnau, Gillian White, Daniel Bracher oder Hugo Suter, aber auch andere wichtige Schweizer Künstler*innen wie Rolf Iseli, Michael Biberstein, Jean Pfaff, Martin Disler, Andrea Heller, Annelies Strba, Adrian Schiess, Albert Merz, Christine Streuli, Conrad Jon Godly, Reto Boller oder Franz Gertsch. Auch internationale Grössen wie Katharina Grosse, John Armleder, Dave Bopp oder Sam Francis sind vertreten.


No other artistic medium has experienced so many positive as well as negative attributions as painting. It is nonetheless continually being re-interpreted, thereby revealing its endless potential. Also in Switzerland a revival of the medium has become manifest over the last few years. The exhibition (Un)certain Ground is not an overview of Swiss painting, but focuses rather on painters practising in Switzerland whose work is right now negotiating new territory.

at Pasquart Art Museum, Biel (CH)


Special opening hours during Zurich Art Weekend:
Friday, June 10, 11–20
Saturday June 11, 11–20
Sunday June 12, 11–18

Solo mit Viel

at Villa Renata, Basel (CH)
Exhibition closing: 3.7.22, 1- 5 pm

Future Bodies from a Recent Past—Sculpture, Technology, and the Body since the 1950s

“Future Bodies from a Recent Past” brings to life a hitherto little-noticed phenomenon in art and sculpture in particular: the reciprocal interpenetration of body and technology. With works by around 60 artists—primarily from Europe, the USA and Japan—the exhibition is dedicated to the major technological changes since the post-war period and takes a look at their influence on our ideas of bodies. The exhibition is a journey through materials, forms, and modes of expression in sculpture, which has changed more in the last 70 years than probably ever before in its long history.
at Museum Brandhorst, Munich (D)

Art Walk West #1

Art after work on a Thursday evening? Yes, it works! Art Walk West proposes a meander through various art spaces in our neighbourhood, all of which are open until 8 pm, with admission free. There will be drinks and a short introduction at both Lullin + Ferrari, the starting point, and at Kunsthalle Zürich, to close.

Here is the route and the exhibitions showing:
Starting at Lullin + Ferrari, Second Spring Variation – Text!
​Galerie Mark Müller, Affinities, group show
Galerie Nicola von Senger, Miroslav Tichy, 69 Works
Awareness in Art, The Mouth is for Speaking, group show
Francesca Pia, Philippe Decrauzat, No Journey Ends
Hauser & Wirth, Seventy Years of The Second Sex, group show
Barbara Seiler, TIME LOCK (Zoom In), Gruppenausstellung
Hauser & Wirth, François Morellet, Neons
Luma Westbau, Sadaf H. Nava, Fabula’s Score
Kunsthalle Zürich, Igshaan Adams, Kicking Dust

Before · Between · Beyond – The collection in transition

The Collection — the cornerstone of the Aargauer Kunsthaus — is growing apace, and today consists of over 20,000 pieces of Swiss art dating from the 18th century to the present day. In recent years, notable donations and loans — such as those from the Ringier Collection, the Federal Collection of Contemporary Art, the Walter A. Bechtler Foundation, or from patrons of the Aargauische Kunstsammlung — have contributed enormously to the outstanding importance of the collection in the European art scene. These additions, including many works by contemporary artists, serve as a source of fresh inspiration and form surprising associations within the portfolios.
at Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau (CH)

Space for Imaginative Actions – New Presentation of the Collection

On the 30th anniversary of its presence along the Museum Mile, the Kunstmuseum Bonn is offering a comprehensive view of its collection of contemporary art, which is being freshly presented from new perspectives in twenty rooms. Even if the presentation shows the Kunstmuseum to be a special site for painting, fundamental roles in the argumentation are nonetheless played by installation, film and photography.

at Art Museum Bonn. (DE)