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Dezember-Ausstellung Focus

December Exhibition: Focus

The traditional December exhibition is the highly acclaimed platform for art production from the city and region of Winterthur. For a month, artists gather for an artistic rendezvous and mutual exchange. Biennially a large overview exhibition takes place at the Kunst Museum Winterthur in cooperation with the artists’ organization Künstlergruppe and the Kunsthalle Winterthur. The biennial exhibition alternates with an individual show at the Kunst Museum Winterthur, as will take place in 2018. This exhibition intends to offer new perspectives on the regional art scene, concomitantly investigating the work of selected artists. The curators work with the artists invited to create a concise group of works for the show. As a result, the December exhibition at the Kunst Museum Winterthur provides not only a sight onto the work of local artists, but also into it.

Kunstankäufe der Stadt Zürich 2011-2018

Die Kunstsammlung der Stadt Zürich ist auch in den letzten Jahren stetig gewachsen. Nun wird im Helmhaus Zürich eine repräsentative Auswahl aus den Neuankäufen seit 2011 gezeigt. Es sind Werke von 49 Zürcher Künstlerinnen und Künstlern zu sehen. Diese Werke wurden auf Empfehlung der Kommission für Bildende Kunst im Rahmen der Kunstförderung der Stadt Zürich angekauft. Die Ausstellung ist Teil der «Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018» und dauert vom 30. November 2018 bis zum 27. Januar 2019.

Regionale 19 Liquid Planet: Abstract Painting Today

How powerful and contemporary do we believe painting is today? How much relevance or presence do we accord it? At the Kunsthaus Baselland this year’s Regionale exhibition presents 20 artists of different generations from the tri-national region. In their work all the artists focus on non-representational painting and thus negotiate possibilities for an ongoing and relevant painting practice.

Jahresausstellung Zentralschweizer Kunstschaffen XL

In 2019 the Kunstgesellschaft Luzern will be celebrating its 200th anniversary. Reason enough to begin this jubilee year with a special edition of our Annual Exhibition in view of the fact that artists from the region were decisively involved in the foundation of the Kunstgesellschaft. XL indicates that the exhibition area will be increased. This will enable the artists from the Central Swiss cantons to enter larger installation works for consideration. As usual, a special threeperson jury will select the works for the exhibition from the dossiers entered. The Kunstgesellschaft Luzern is looking forward very much to ringing in the festive anniversary year with this presentation of regional artworks.

Mumbling Mud

K11 Art Foundation (KAF) and chi K11 art museum are delighted to announce Mumbling Mud, an impressive 1,500 sqm exhibition by internationally acclaimed German artist Katharina Grosse, featuring five site-related, immersive installations.

Pattern and Decoration

Sep 21.18 – Jan 13.19
Opening: Thursday, September 20th, 2018, 7 pm
Ludwig Forum Aachen (D)
Patchworks and decorative patterns on the one hand and a political-emancipatory claim on the other – the Pattern and Decoration movement combines apparent contradictions. In the mid-1970s, the movement developed in the USA as one of the last art movements of the 20th century, brought forward by as many female artists as no other movement before. It was supported, among others, by feminist artists such as Joyce Kozloff, Valerie Jaudon, Robert Kushner and Miriam Schapiro. In reclaiming fantasy, color, variation of forms as well as sensuality, they radically distinguished themselves from the predominant Minimal Art and Concept Art at that time. The movement questions not only traditional notions of art, but also addresses broader political and social issues like the position of women, of Native Americans, or ethnic minorities in the global art scene. Pattern and Decoration represents an alternative to a male-dominated understanding of art that is globally influenced by the values of Western industrial states. The movement’s political and global aspiration is articulated through an aesthetic of captivating ease and seductive beauty: with works that celebrate sensuality, fantasy and color and through which social-critically contents, as well as an immediate lust for life, are conveyed.

Karneval der Tiere

Group exhibition
In 2018 the Kunstmuseum Luzern will be transformed into a menagerie! Horses, cows and goats, lions and tigers, eagles and capercaillie cocks, but also centaurs, dinosaurs and dragons will populate the museum rooms—in paintings and drawings, photographs and sculptures.
The Kunstmuseum Luzern has countless works depicting our animal relatives. So the 2018 Collection Presentation is devoted to the relationship between man and animal, which is often close, but not always simple. How are animals depicted in art and what does this say about our understanding of them? What role do they play in our technological and digital society? Is our treatment of them as pampered pets or mere food species-appropriate? What are the alternatives for a different relationship between living creatures in the future? Both the Collection Presentation and the publication, plus a rich fringe programme of readings, panel discussions and special guided tours, will focus on this and other issues.


Solo exhibition at The National Gallery, Prague
curated by Adam Budak

The German artist Katharina Grosse has prepared a large-scale painting installation in the Great Hall that directly reacts to the industrial space of the gallery built in the Functionalist style in the late 1920s. The exhibition is an architectural painting, a spatial image, in which viewers find their niche using their own bodies and minds.

Katharina Grosse is also creating an artistic intervention on the boundary between architecture and the natural setting outside the gallery. Her often huge, site-specific structures in interiors (institutional space) and exteriors (public space), which frequently integrate organic matter (trees, stones, soil, etc.) are hybrids that cross the dividing line between nature and culture.

Le numerose irregolarita

Katharina Grosse & Tatiana Trouvé
French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici, Rome
curated by Chiara Parisi

This is the fourth and last exhibition in the UNE cycle, originated by Muriel Mayette-Holtz and curated by Chiara Parisi. UNE is an ambitious project which, through artistic, intercultural and generational confrontation, has given rise to surprising collaborations and interconnections, providing a contemporary vision of the French Academy in Rome.

Starting from positions and styles seemingly very far apart, Katharina Grosse and Tatiana Trouvé have also created an unprecedented and unexpected dialogue for this cycle. Thanks to their respective projects, different but complicit and complementary, the two artists both born in the 1960s have shaken up the limits of space at the Villa Medici.

Nouvelle présentation des collections contemporaines

Joachim Bandau
«Der Späher», 1974
Exhibition new acquisitions
Contemporary Collections
Centre Pompidou, Paris