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Roven n°16 /// 2022 /// Numéro spécial Monstres et monstrueux

Softcover, thread stitching, brochure, 128 pages, 21 × 26 cm, French
ISBN 978-2-918450-39-9
Directors of publication & editors: Johana Carrier & Marine Pagès
Design by Sylvie Astié – DokidokiDiffusion and distribution: Les Presses du réel
Price: EUR 22.-
The catalogue can be purchased at Roven Editions, Paris

bereit zu tragen

Exhibition catalogue, published by Reto Boller and Kunsthalle Arbon
Softcover, 24 × 17 cm, German
Texts by Deborah Keller
Design by Gerwin Schmidt
Edition: 500, 10 of them special edition with Injekt Print by Reto Boller
Price: CHF 18
The catalogue can be purchased at Galerie Mark Müller


Exhibition catalogue, published by Patrtick Rohner und ILEA
Softcover, thread stitching, brochure, 336 pages, 29,4 × 22 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-907112-46-5
Texts by Konrad Bitterli, Katja Blomberg, David N. Bresch, Annette Gigon, Johannes M. Hedinger, Invar-Torre Hollaus, Peter Hubacher, Patrick Rohner, Hans-Jakob Schindler, Yael Schindler Wildhaber, Ruben Alexander Schuster, Cornelia Schwierz, Lucie Tuma, Helmut Weissert and Roland Wäspe
Design by TGG Hafen, St.Gallen
Price: CHF 42 / Euro 40
The catalogue can be purchased at Vexerverlag St.Gallen/Berlin or Idea Books Amsterdam.


Exhibition catalogue, published by Haverkampf Galerie, Berlin
Softcover with dust jacket and foldout pages, 112 pages, 60 images, 24 x 30 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-96912-069-9
Texts by Philipp Haverkampf, Carolin Leistenschneider, Invar-Torre Hollaus and Harriet Zilch
Design by Studio Nicolas Zupfer
Price: EUR 34
The catalogue can be purchased at DCV

Questions I Have Asked Myself

Catalogue, published by Point Publishing
Soft cover with jacket, 178 pages, 60+ images, 30 × 20.5 cm, English
ISBN 978-0-473-57646-2
Text by Judy Millar
Design by Area Design NZ
Price: NZD $55.00
The catalogue can be purchased at Point Publishing or at Galerie Mark Müller

Die Nichtschönen. Werke 1967 – 1974

Catalogue, produced/published by Elena Filipovic, Renate Wagner, Kunsthalle Basel and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König, Cologne
Hardcover, 160 pages, 21 x 21 cm, either German or English
ISBN 978-3-96098-934-9 (german)
ISBN 978-3-96098-935-6 (english)
Edited by Dominikus Müller (Managing editor)
Design by Petra Hollenbach
Price: 42 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Kunsthalle Basel

Ein Bild schreit nach dem nächsten!

Catalogue, published by Steidl, Göttingen
Hardcover, 160 pages, 20 × 25 cm, German / English
ISBN 978-3-95829-888-0
Edited by Roland Scotti on behalf of the Heinrich Gebert Kulturstiftung, Appenzell
Design by Sabine Hahn, Berlin
Price: 40 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Steidl, Göttingen or at Galerie Mark Müller


Catalogue, published by Lund Humphries, London
Hardcover, 144 pages, 100 ills. in color, 28 × 24 cm, English
ISBN 9781848223233
Autor Gregory Volk
Price: 50 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Lund Humphries, London or at Galerie Mark Müller

Fabian Treiber: Palazzo

Exhibition catalogue, published by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Fördersstiftung Berlin
Paperback, 31 pages, 28 × 22 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-00-063139-9
Texts by Andreas Bauer
Design by Stahl R Designstudio
Price: 30 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Galerie Mark Müller

Late Night on the Shop Floor, what Language was I speaking

Catalogue, published by Institut für moderen Kunst Nürnberg, Kunsthalle Nürnberg im KunstKulturQuartier
Paperback, 64 pages, 21 × 14.7 cm, German/English
Texts by Invar-Torre Hollaus, marcus Weber and Harriet Zilch
Design by Studio Nicolas Zupfer
Price: 10 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Institut für moderen Kunst Nürnberg or at Galerie Mark Müller

Fabian Treiber: Candle, Candle

Catalogue, published by Verlag für Moderne Kunst
Spiral bound brochure in wrapped cover, 96 pages, 88 ills. in color, 15 ills. in b/w, 31 × 24 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-903269-29-3
Texts by Invar-Torre Hollaus
Design by Studio Nicolas Zupfer
Price: 30 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Verlag für Moderne Kunst or at Galerie Mark Müller

It Wasn’t Us

Exhibition catalogue, published by Hatje Cantz, Berlin
Hardcover, with colored edging, 216 pages, 172 ills., 31 x 24 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-7757-4728-8
Texts by Julia Eckert, Katharina Grosse, Udo Kittelmann, Gabriele Knapstein, Doris Kolesch, Martina Löw, Daniel Milnes, Annika Reich, Heather I. Sullivan
Graphic design by Anja Lutz
Price: 47 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Hatje Cantz, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart or at Galerie Mark Müller


Paperback, 96 pages, 28 x 24 cm, 87 ills. in color, German/English, ISBN 978-3-903320-91-8
Published by Julian Denzler for Kunstverein Friedrichshafen
Texts by Julian Denzler, Anne Vieth
Design by Studio Nicolas Zupfer
Price: 27 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Verlag für moderne Kunst, Kunstverein Friedrichshafen or Galerie Mark Müller

Frozen Gesture

Exhibition catalogue, published by Hirmer-Verlag, Munich
Paperback, 144 pages, 23 x 28 cm, 100 ills. in color, German/English
ISBN 978-3-7774-3269-4
Texts by Yasmin Afschar, Konrad Bitterli, Dietmar Elger, Andrea Lutz, Lynn Kost und Roland Wäspe
Design by Gunnar Musan
Price: 42 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Hirmer-Verlag, Kunstmuseum Winterhur or at Galerie Mark Müller

Lange Arme, kurze Beine

Lange Arme, kurze Beine

Exhibition catalogue, published by Verlag für Moderne Kunst
Hardcover, 256 pages, 27.4 x 21 cm, 135 ills. in color, German/English
ISBN 78-3-903320-61-1
Texts by Bettina Steinbrügge, Naoko Mabon, Helen Hirsch and Christine Streuli
Design by Martin Stoecklin & Melina Wilson
Price: 50 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Kunstmuseum Thun or at Galerie Mark Müller

Desire Path

Exhibition catalogue, published by Kunstmuseum Solothurn
Hardcover, 19,3 x 25,5 cm, 128 pages, ISBN 978-3-903320-32-1
Texts by Miguel F. Campón and Christoph Vögele
Design by Studio Amanda Haas
Price: 35 CHF
The catalogue can be purchased at Verlag für Moderne Kunst or at Galerie Mark Müller


Since 1987, Francis Baudevin has been using graphic designs found on packaging, record covers and commercial logos, which he carefully reproduces in painting. Throughout these 82 pages of drawings that are occasionally enhanced with felt-tip pens and highlighters, including 18 printed on fluorescent paper, the reader will thus encounter some of these familiar geometric patterns which make up the artist’s vocabulary.

Francois Morellet ISBN 978-0-300-24569-1

François Morellet

1st edition, 2019, Text Englisch, Hardback, 22.5 x 28.5 cm, 248 Pages, ISBN 978-0-300-24569-1
With contributions by Alexander Alberro, Yve-Alain Bois, Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Béatrice Gross, Valerie Hillings, Daniel Levin Becker, Morad Montazami, François Morellet, and Erik Verhagen. Book design Bervely Joel, pulp, ink. Editors Béatrice Gross with Stephen Hoban. Published with François Morellet at Dia:Chelsea, New York City. Distributed by Yale University Press.
Price: USD 60.-
The catalogue can be purchased at Yale University Press, New Heaven and London.


“Insight” is a book that dives into three work series of G. S. Rogado.
1st edition, p. 271, English / German, 238 x 324 x 18mm (239 pages coloured, three different papers), ISBN 978-3-947432-01-1
With texts by Gabriela Acha, Yasmin Afschar, Seigaku Higuchi, Simon Maurer and Chris Sharp. Concept and graphic design by Studio Amanda Haas, Berlin. Published by School of Observation, Berlin.
Price: CHF 50.-
The catalogue can be purchased at School of Obserservation, Berlin,or at Galerie Mark Müller.

Home is abroad and abroad is home

1st edition, 600 copies, 2018, Text Englisch and German, Hardback, 22.5 x 30.5 cm, ISBN 978-3-85997-005-7
With texts by Alice Henkes, Barbara Zürcher and Invar-Torre Hollaus. Concept and graphic design by Afrika und Chalet5. Published by Barbara Zürcher and Mark Müller
Price: CHF 50.-
The catalogue can be purchased at Wolfsberg Verlag, Zurich,or at Galerie Mark Müller.

The Black Garden

Reflection and self-awareness: Günther Wizemann’s impressive Black Garden series.
With essays by Giorgia von Albertini and Florian Vetsch
1st edition, 2017, Text English and German, Hardback, 158 pages,
75 color and 1 b/w illustrations, 20 x 27 cm, ISBN 978-3-85881-550-7

Günther Wizemann’s series The Black Garden comprises forty-three paintings created between 2003 and 2017. Strongly influenced by the Russian modernists Kazimir Malevich and Aleksander Rodchenko, Wizemann has long mulled the question of what one could possibly paint in the aftermath of the modernists. Italian artist Mario Merz’s statement-making installation, Che Fare?, which sought to push the boundaries of art beyond traditional painting and sculpture, has been equally influential on Wizemann’s practice. The Black Garden was created as a possible response to these questions.
Price: CHF 49.–
The catalogue can be purchased at Scheidegger & Spiess, Zurich,or at Galerie Mark Müller.

The Inventory: Painting

Exhibition catalogue, published by Kunsthaus Baselland, Kunstmuseum St.Gallen, Laguna Art Museum at Verlag für moderne Kunst, 2017. Paperback, 288 pages, reproductions in colour, 29 x 22,5 cm
ISBN: 978­-3­-903228-­13­-9 (Deutsche Version), ISBN: 978-3-903153-80-6 (Englische Version)
With a foreword by Ines Goldbach, Roland Wäspe. Texts by Jane McFadden and Marcia Hafif
On the occasion of the exhibitions at Kunsthaus Baselland,Sep 15 – Nov 12, 2017 and Kunstmuseum St. Gallen Sep 16, 2017 – Jan 14, 2018.
Price: 40,00 €
The catalogue can be purchased at the Museums, at Verlag für moderne Kunst or at Galerie Mark Müller.

Stages of Being

Boudi Eskens/Galerie Onrust published this catalogue
along with the exhibition «Stages of Being»,
on during Sep 9 – Oct 14 2017.
It includes texts by Hanneke de Man, translated into
German, English and Dutch.
o.p., hard cover, 22 x 30 cm


This artist book was published on the occasion of the exhibition «Mal»
at Osthaus Museum Hagen (D) and the Ernst-Osthaus-Preis Barath received on Sep 30 2017.
Published by Heike Kati Barath and Galerie Roy.
Silkscreenprint, 40pp., soft-cover, 30 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-00-057579-2

Being more than system

Published by Hatje Cantz on the occasion of Jürg Stäuble’s solo exhibition «Being more than system», held at Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich (CH) 1.6.–3.9.2017.
With texts by Dominique von Burg, Beat Wismer, Isabel Zürcher, contributions by Jürg Stäuble, Sabine Schaschl (ed.). Graphic design by Harald Prigdar.
German, English
2017. 224 pp., 276 ills.
22.00 x 28.50 cm
ISBN 978-3-7757-4299-3
Price: € 45 / CHF 49.-

too common

Soft Cover, 96 pages, ISBN: 978-3-96098-039-1
This catalogue has been published on the occasion of the exhibition «ontheway» at Kunsthalle Giessen by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln 2016. Price: CHF 35.-

One could say that it was a paranoid gesture from my side

28,5 x 21,5 cm, 175 pages, ISBN: 978-3-903131-09-5
Published by Kunsthalle Winterthur on the occasion of the exhibition “I Doubt You Share My Sensitivity” at the VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst, Wien, 2017
This hard-cover book presents us with a wide overview of Kägi’s oeuvre from the past few years. Her works are put into dialogue with texts by author Marie-Alice Schultz. Price: CHF 30.-


2016, 8 pp., 28x20cm
This small risograph printed Artist Book focuses on Rogado’s newest works. It is thoughtful designed by Studio Amanda Haas and contains a text by Italian curator Antonio Grulli.

Katharina Grosse

Published by Helmut Friedel for Stiftung Frieder Burda
2016, German, Hardcover, 175p, 131 images, 26 x 20 cm, ISBN 978-3-98116-067-3
With essays by Helmut Friedel and Katrin Dillkofer
On the occasion of the Exhibition “Katharina Grosse” at Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden (D) 11.6. – 9.10.2016
Price: € 35,-

Body of Memory

Edited by Edizioni Periferia, Luzern (CH), 2016
Softcover, 3.5 x 12,5 x 20,4 cm, 504 p.
German, English, Dutch
ISBN 978-3-906016-58-0
CHF 48.– / EUR 45.–
“When, after dismantling an exhibition of my almost 30-year-old bodies of acrylic paint, I add new paint to them in the studio or cut them up to create new colour combinations, when I include soup bones collected over the past 20 years and newspaper clippings of maps showing conflict zones, then I see that as a gesture of repetition and transposition, as a nod to a place and as a reflection of the phenomenon of time.”

Sieben Stunden, Acht Stimmen, Drei Bäume. Seven Hours, Eight Voices, Three Trees

This catalogue is published on the occasion of the solo exhibition at Museum Wiesbaden (D) in 2015 under the same title.
The 443 works documented in this book offer a profound insight in Grosse’s research over decades, especially with her works on paper. (336 pages)
published by Katharina Grosse and Walther König, Berlin (D).
Texts by Ann Cotten, Dustin Breitenwischer, Jörg Daur, Alexander Klar, Sally McGrane, Teresa Präauer, Anika Reich und Monika Rinck.
Text in german and english.
Available through us for CHF 40,-
(ISBN 978-3-86335-812-9)

The Inventory: Painting

This retrospective of the years 1972 to present accompanies Hafif’s first one-person exhibition in California since 1975 ‘Marcia Hafif: From the Inventory’ at Laguna Art Museum. (236 pages)
Published by Grand Central Press;
Authors: Malcolm Warner, Jane McFadden
Available through us for CHF 35,-
(ISBN 978-0935314960)

Still Life without a Magnolia

Produced by Maureen Kaegi this small Brochure accompanies her exhibition at the gallery with a wide range of images of works from the last two years and a text by Victoria Dejaco.
The Brochure is available through us for CHF 10,-


Published in Sept 2014 by Gerhard Finckh on the occasion of Barath’s exhibition at Von der Heydt-Kunsthalle, Wuppertal (D)
With Color images of the works in the exhibition and texts in english and german by Gerhard Finckh (Director), Beate Eickhoff, Julie Miess and Thomas Hirsch.
Available through the Von der Heydt-Kunsthalle

In-Between Things

Published 2013 by Studio Rogado, Berlin, on the occasion of Giacomo Santiago Rogado’s exhibition “Focal Point” at Museum im Bellpark, Kriens (CH)
Designed by Amanda Haas with Texts in English and German by Christy Wampole.
In 320 pages the publication opens a door into Rogado’s working process and gives a great impression of his ɶuvre.
CHF 44,- ISBN 978-3-033-04226-1


On the occasion of Christine Streuli’s exhibition for which she has conceived specific installations relating to the exhibition space of Haus am Waldsee a catalogue is published.
The exhibition was curated by Dr. Katja Blomberg. Ed. by Dr. Katja Blomberg, with texts by Dr. Katja Blomberg and Barbara von Flüe. Verlag Walther König. ISBN 978-3863354725,
72 p., d/e, Euro 16,80


The catalogue «CS» was published on the occasion of Christine Streuli’s show «Revolution» at the Kunstmuseum Luzern (CH) and highlights different aspects of Christine Streuli’s painting, illustrated by numerous images. The exhibition was curated by Fanni Fetzer.
Ed. by Fanni Fetzer, with texts by Fanni Fetzer, Terry R. Myers, Michele Robecchi, 2013 Kunstmuseum Luzern, Hatje Cantz Verlag. ISBN 978-3-7757-3555-1, 215 p., d/e, color, CHF 42.-

Katharina Grosse

A Monograph beyond chronology, art genres, or aestethic categorization.
The publication combines intuitive compositions of images of Katharina Grosse’s works from way back until today with a brilliant text by Ulrich Loock.
The publication is available as a special edition of a 100 pieces together with a tie, sprayed by Katharina Grosse for 350 €.
Ed. by Ulrich Loock, Annika Reich & Katharina Grosse. Text by Ulrich Loock. Cologne 2013. 4to. 328 S., Ppbd.
The Book is available in English or German.

12. RischArt_Projekt 2013: ES WAR EINMAL …

The 12th RischArt_Project focused on the theme of fairytales, about magical transformations. In the publication each of the 8 artists and their works, that have been created specifically for the old botanic garden of Munich, are explained in images and text.
The exhibition was curated by Katharina Keller.

Humor und Ironie in der konkreten Kunst von François Morellet

The monograph, written in the context of Sonja Klee’s dissertation at the University of Bonn (D), was awarded the “Prix de la République Française” in 2012.
François Morellet is acclaimed one of the most important artist in the field of concrete art. In addition he combines his abstract work in a subtle and original way with characteristics of humour and irony.
The publication with 352 pages is available through the publishing house “Swiridoff” for € 34.80 and so far only in german.
ISBN 978-3-89929-247-3

François Morellet 5 x 3

Published on the occasion of François Morellet’s exhibition at Fonds M-Arco, Le Box, Marseille (F)
5 x 3 represents 3 of the artist’s pieces inspired by the same theme in each of the building’s 5 spaces. Such wording is a good illustration of how François Morellet’s clear and intelligible approach has always led to a plastically convincing and successful form.
ISBN 978-2-917768-34-1
Available → here for € 15,-

Blow Up / Oceana Tapas

Published on the occasion of François Morellet’s Exhibition at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (UK), in 2013
Comprising a selection of paintings he made in 2006 which replicate works originally produced by him in 1952, magnified to the scale of 4:1.  They exemplify the profound influence of tapa on Morellet’s distinct style of abstraction.
ISBN: 978-1-904864-85-1
Available at → Ikon’s online shop for  £ 10.-

Das doppelte Bild. Aspekte zeitgenössischer Malerei

Published on the occasion of the Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Solothurn, in Summer 2013
With texts by Patricia Bieder, Andreas Fiedler, Daniel Morgenthaler, Viola Vahrson, Christoph Vögele, Isabel Zürcher and Walter Zuberbühler, Ed.: Kunstmuseum Solothurn at Richter Verlag, Düsseldorf (D), 2013, 192 p., d/e, color, CHF 42.-

The Long Way Home

On 144 pages, “The Long Way Home” presents Axel Lieber’s work of the last 25 years and gives insight to the fundamental characteristics of his oeuvre.
In the book, his sculptural works as well as his installations are accompanied by an essay written by Stefanie Kreuzer (Museum Morsbroich Leverkusen).
“The Long Way Home” is published by Verlag für Moderne Kunst and can be purchased via our online bookshop at


Golden Days. Francis Baudevin, Dominik Stauch featuring Daan Van Golden

Published by Kehrer Verlag on the occasion of Francis Baudevin’s Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland
An exhibition catalogue with numerous illustrations and contributions from Susanne Bieri, Paul Young, Caroline Soyez-Petithomme, Emmanuel Grandjean, Siri Peyer and an interview with the two artists by Helen Hirsch.
It consists of two separate books, one focussing on Baudevin, the other on Stauch.

Four Honest Outlaws – Sala Ray Marioni Gordon

published by Michael Fried for the Yale University Press
In this strongly argued and characteristically original book, Michael Fried considers the work of four contemporary artists: video artist and photographer Anri Sala, sculptor Charles Ray, painter Joseph Marioni, and video artist and intervener in movies Douglas Gordon.
«Four Honest Outlaws» takes its title from a line in a Bob Dylan song, «To live outside the law you must be honest», meaning in this case that each of the four artists has found his own unsanctioned path to extraordinary accomplishment, in part by defying the ordinary norms and expectations of the contemporary art world.
Michael Fried will moderate a symposium «PAINTING NOW: A discussion taking off from the work of Joseph Marioni»,
The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC (USA), December 10, 2011

The Archive in the Worm

Verlag für Moderne Kunst, with essays by Andrés Duprat, Carl Friedrich Schröer and Raimund Stecker.
Published on the occasion of the eightpart transcontinental exhibition in Argentina, Germany and Switzerland.
«Martín Mele lives in a foreign land, it’s uncertain how foreign, how distant or familiar it is. For he has lived abroad for some time, actually forever. …»


published by modo Verlag on the occasion of the exhibition at Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil-Jona from April 7 until June 19, 2011.
with essays by Invar-Torre Hollhaus and Daniela Hardmeier.