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Apropos Hodler – Aktuelle Blicke auf eine Ikone – Kunsthaus CH-Zürich

The Kunsthaus Zürich examines the contemporary relevance of Switzerland’s ‘national artist’, Ferdinand Hodler. ‘Apropos Hodler’ counters one-sided interpretations with the rich diversity of the painter’s formal, cultural and political impact, and sets out to view the old and familiar with new eyes. Works by more than 30 contemporary artists are juxtaposed with some 60 paintings by the Swiss icon.

Scandalous artist and national icon: forgotten and rediscovered

The reception of Hodler’s work has ebbed and flowed. His ‘scandalous’ participation in the Secession exhibitions in Berlin and Vienna around 1900 marked him out as one of the most progressive artists of his time. Yet Hodler’s success was hard-earned, given his upbringing in a family with little money and time for education. That background, and his early preference for subjects drawn from the lives of craftspeople and workers, initially drew the approval of socialists such as Hans Mühlestein (1887–1969). When he died in 1918, Hodler was honoured as a great Swiss artist, yet his reputation faded after the Second World War. It was not until the 1980s that he came to be appreciated again in Switzerland. Although recognized by art historians as an innovator, Hodler has come to be seen by the public at large as symbolizing traditional values. For the Kunsthaus, that altering reception is an opportunity to present Ferdinand Hodler alongside and in conjunction with international contemporary artists. The exhibition concept was developed by Kunsthaus curators Sandra Gianfreda and Cathérine Hug as part of a collective, which also chose the approximately 30 invited artists. This advisory collective included artists Sabian Baumann (b. 1962), Ishita Chakraborty (b. 1989) and RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co; since 1983). They reacted to a list of Hodler paintings which was also drawn up collectively. The exhibition was designed in association with the artist Nicolas Party (b. 1980).


Oberaargauer Kunstmonat – Kunsthaus CH-Langenthal

During the Oberaargau Art Month, exhibition venues for visual art in the Oberaargau region work together to show works by professional contemporary artists from the region. Over 30 artists from the region will be on display at the Kunsthaus Langenthal, representing the diversity of contemporary art in the Oberaargau.

Other exhibition venues during the art month: CRMI (Chrämerhuus), Langenthal; Bibliothek Herzogenbuchsee; Galerie 63, Melchnau; Kultur im Stöckli, Langenthal; Kulturspycher, Roggwil; Kunstraum Wangen a.A.; Museum Attiswil; Räberstöckli, Niederbipp; Alte Giesserei, Riedtwil; Stiftungshaus Eggenschwiler, Eriswil.

Initiated by the Oberaargau Region Association, Culture and Identity Commission.


With Heinz Allemann, Eriswil; Fred Baumann, Rohrbachgraben; Hubert Bienek, Langenthal; Carlo Borer, Oberbipp; Adriana Bravo, Thunstetten; Christof Cartier, Graben; Duo JoJo (Angela Ehrsam, Milena Lahoda), Langenthal; Jonas Etter, Langenthal/Zürich; Felix Fehlmann, Aarwangen; Matthias Gabi, Niederbipp/Zürich; Simone Gilles, Langenthal/Zürich; Samira Gollin & Aarabi Kugabalan, Roggwil/Bern; Christoph Hauri, Langenthal; Haus am Gern, Roggwil-Wynau/Biel/Bienne; Urs Hug, Bützberg; Christine Hurst, Langenthal; Samira Ingold, Inkwil; Barbara Jäggi, Melchnau; Brigitte Jost, Langenthal; Willy Jost, Busswil; Marcelle Lehmann Ernst, Langenthal; Hanspeter Kamm, Eriswil; Nico Kurzen, Langenthal; Cora Maurer, Langenthal; Klaus Neumann, Huttwil; Franziska Nyfeler, Langenthal; Menel Rachdi, Auswil; Ahmad Al Rayyan, St.Gallen; Elisabeth Schmidiger, Aarwangen; Heiko Schütz, Niederönz; Regula Stettler, Langenthal; Christine Streuli, Langenthal/Berlin; Ewald Trachsel, Dürrenroth and Joss Uhlmann, Herzogenbuchsee

René Zäch – The Studio – Pasquart Kunsthaus, CH-Biel

The exhibition transports a snapshot to the Biel Kunsthaus. The artist has left the studio and 1000 decisions remain. What is finished, what is important, what is a work and what is merely a mock-up? The exhibition shows final works, unpublished works, drawings, models and major works from the artist’s estate as well as photographs by Alexander Jaquemet from René Zäch’s studio.

Schau, wie der Gletscher schwindet – Aargauer Kunsthaus CH-Aarau

Watching the Glacier Go

Collection in Focus

Mountains and glaciers form the Swiss landscape and the culture of the country. It is therefore not surprising that this motif plays a significant role in art.

The focus of the collection follows the thematic core—from the mountain paintings by Caspar Wolf to mountain sunsets by Ingeborg Lüscher and the iceberg and glacier photographs by Julian Charrière. Today, the mountain is perceived both as a tourist destination and as a symbol for climate change.

The presentation is part of the exhibition project across Switzerland, Schau, wie der Gletscher schwindet (Watching the Glacier Go).

Art Unites 175 Years of the Kunstverein CH-Schaffhausen

On the occasion of its 175th anniversary, the Museum zu Allerheiligen will present a major exhibition on the Kunstverein Schaffhausen. Featuring some 200 exhibits, including prints, sculptures, paintings, photographs, and installations, the exhibition follows the evolution of the association from a small circle of illustrious art connoisseurs to one of the region’s most significant players in contemporary art. Selected anecdotes and stories provide atmospheric insights into the association’s activities from its beginnings to today, revisiting special moments. The accompanying program was conceived in collaboration with the Kunstverein Schaffhausen. It emphasizes experience and dialogue as the essence of the association’s activities. After all, art unites! And it has been doing so for 175 years.


Currently exhibited at Kunstmuseum St Gallen, Switzerland, a selection of masking tape on paper works by Judy Millar from 1981- 1994.

25 November 2023 – 24 March 2024

Referencing crude, improvised architectural structures. Timber ladders, stairs, lean-tos, fences, gates, bridges, parapets, verandahs. Referred to as the Temple Fences.

“Untitled” 1981 tape on paper 42×29.5cm
Collection of Kunstmuseum St Gallen.

Intuitiv. Zwei Sammlungen begegnen sich – Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil

Like a bubble in water, it rises to the surface and makes a judgement within seconds: when we meet a person for the first time, enter an unfamiliar room or struggle to find the right words in a conversation. Like an inner compass, intuition shows us the direction, even though we are not always aware of the reason.

The exhibition explores this inward look and brings together for the first time two collections of Swiss contemporary art: the collection of Elisabeth and Peter Bosshard and that of the architect and gallery owner Bob Gysin and his wife Kathrin Gysin. Both couples accompanied the work of selected artists for decades, were on friendly terms with them and also relied on their intuition when collecting.

With works by Klaus Born, Matthias Bosshart, Christoph Brünggel, Stéphane Brunner, Martin Disler, Urs Frei, Dominique Lämmli, Bessie Nager, Flavio Paolucci, Carmen Perrin, Eva-Maria Pfaffen, Adrian Schiess, Cécile Wick, Andrea Wolfensberger.

Art 35 Basel

Art 35 Basel Unlimited

Art 34 Basel

Art 33 Basel

Art 32 Basel

Art Cologne 2000

Art Cologne 1999

Art 30 Basel

Art Cologne 1998

Art 29 Basel

FIAC Paris 1997

Art 28 Basel

Art 27 Basel

Art Cologne 1995

Art 26 Basel

Art Cologne 1994

Art 25 Basel

Four Honest Outlaws – Sala Ray Marioni Gordon

published by Michael Fried for the Yale University Press
In this strongly argued and characteristically original book, Michael Fried considers the work of four contemporary artists: video artist and photographer Anri Sala, sculptor Charles Ray, painter Joseph Marioni, and video artist and intervener in movies Douglas Gordon.
«Four Honest Outlaws» takes its title from a line in a Bob Dylan song, «To live outside the law you must be honest», meaning in this case that each of the four artists has found his own unsanctioned path to extraordinary accomplishment, in part by defying the ordinary norms and expectations of the contemporary art world.
Michael Fried will moderate a symposium «PAINTING NOW: A discussion taking off from the work of Joseph Marioni»,
The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC (USA), December 10, 2011

The Archive in the Worm

Verlag für Moderne Kunst, with essays by Andrés Duprat, Carl Friedrich Schröer and Raimund Stecker.
Published on the occasion of the eightpart transcontinental exhibition in Argentina, Germany and Switzerland.
«Martín Mele lives in a foreign land, it’s uncertain how foreign, how distant or familiar it is. For he has lived abroad for some time, actually forever. …»


published by modo Verlag on the occasion of the exhibition at Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil-Jona from April 7 until June 19, 2011.
with essays by Invar-Torre Hollhaus and Daniela Hardmeier.