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Katharina Grosse, I Think This Is a Pine Tree, 2013, exhibiton view „Wall Works“, detail, Hamburger Bahnhof, 2013 © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Nationalgalerie / Thomas Bruns / VG Bild-Kunst / Bonn 2019

Katharina Grosse

With her spectacular site-specific paintings that she fabricates with air guns and vibrant acrylic paints, Katharina Grosse (born 1961 in Freiburg) assumes a central position in contemporary art. Her large-scale works present themselves as pulsating, three-dimensional visual worlds that incorporate the walls, ceiling and floor of the exhibition space.

Everything becomes the canvas for these paintings and is seized by a vibrating charge of colour that disrupts our typical conception of reality and opens up previously unimagined spheres of possibility. Grosse’s works, which the viewer can walk through, are produced in interior and exterior spaces, and reflect upon our interaction with institutional and urban spaces. In 2020, the artist will use the historical hall of the Hamburger Bahnhof along with sections of the museum’s grounds for a new work that incorporates sculptural elements and radically destabilises and renegotiates the existing order of the space of the museum.

Lange Arme, kurze Beine

The extensive body of work of Swiss artist Christine Streuli (*1975, in Berne) appeals to viewers with colourful, mostly monumental allover paintings, which draw on a rich vocabulary of symbols, quotes, patterns, motifs and ornaments. The vividly coloured and energetic works and installations attract the audience, but also raise important, contemporary questions about nature and the craft of painting, as well as the examination of the flood of images surrounding us all.

Oliver Mosset

Olivier Mosset (b.1944) is one of the central figures in post-war abstract painting, and a pivotal reference for generations of European and American painters. Associated with Daniel Buren, Michel Parmentier, and Niele Toroni, he was a member of the ephemeral B.M.P.T. “group.” His extensive series of circle paintings, executed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, is among the most widely discussed works of that era.

At the same time, several rooms are devoted to movements and artists with whom Mosset was or remains closely associated, allowing us to consider his work in a variety of different contexts. In addition to a section devoted to the activities led with Buren, Parmentier, and Toroni, the exhibition features works by Nouveaux Réalistes

(notably Jean Tinguely and Daniel Spoerri, for whom Mosset worked as an assistant), experimental film-makers’ collective Zanzibar (with whom Mosset directed, acted in and produced a number of films), American “Radical painting” of the 1970s and 1980s (including Marcia Hafif and Joseph Marioni) and artists such as Sherrie Levine, Steven Parrino, Cady Noland, John Armleder, and Sylvie Fleury, with whom he has maintained a regular dialogue.


The group exhibition When the Sick Rule the World brings together the practices of fourteen artists and two collectives that destabilize the dominant conceptions of health, productivity, and ability. The exhibition borrows its title from author and novelist Dodie Bellamy’s eponymous essay in which those considered sick, weak, or inefficient and therefore ‘less valuable’ are alternatively celebrated as bearers of hope within a system that is itself inherently broken…

Heike Kati Barath_Ohne Titel_2016


100 paintings, objects, and films from around 40 international contemporary artists invite us to intuitively approach art from an emotional perspective.
The exhibition features contributions from the following artists:
Hans Aichinger, Jan Albers, Monika Baer, Heike Kati Barath, Vlassis Caniaris, Gregory Crewdson, Alex Da Corte, Nathalie Djurberg und Hans Berg, Drei Hamburger Frauen, Marlene Dumas, Elmgreen & Dragset, Tracey Emin, Gotthard Graubner, Wade Guyton, Thilo Jenssen, Nikita Kadan, Tadeusz Kantor, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Mike Kelley und Paul McCarthy, Jochen Klein, Rosa Loy, Rosilene Luduvico, Stephan Melzl, Olaf Metzel, Robert Morris, Miwa Ogasawara, Catherine Opie, Laura Owens, Beate Passow, Richard Prince, Bernhard Prinz, Alexandra Ranner, Wilhelm Sasnal, Markus Schinwald, Norbert Schwontkowski, Cindy Sherman, Sam Taylor Johnson, Rosemarie Trockel, Gillian Wearing, Amelie von Wulffen and Artur Zmijewski.

Im Garten der Farben

Ausgehend von dem Thema Farbe zeigt die neue Ausstellung im PEAC Museum einen repräsentativen Ausschnitt aus der Sammlung des kürzlich verstorbenen Mäzens Paul Ege, dessen Interesse zeitlebens Bildern galt, die sich grundlegend mit dem Verhältnis von Materialität und Visualität auseinandersetzen.

Writing the History of the Future (The ZKM Collection)

The collection of the ZKM | Karlsruhe is one of the largest media art collections in the world. It exemplifies the transformation of art in the face of changing production, reception and distribution technologies. Artists react to the change in the media and sometimes anticipate developments that will become self-evident for society as a whole only years later: they are the story of the future.

Dezember-Ausstellung Focus

The traditional December exhibition is the highly acclaimed platform for art production from the city and region of Winterthur. For a month, artists gather for an artistic rendezvous and mutual exchange. Biennially a large overview exhibition takes place at the Kunst Museum Winterthur in cooperation with the artists’ organization Künstlergruppe and the Kunsthalle Winterthur. The biennial exhibition alternates with an individual show at the Kunst Museum Winterthur, as will take place in 2018. This exhibition intends to offer new perspectives on the regional art scene, concomitantly investigating the work of selected artists. The curators work with the artists invited to create a concise group of works for the show. As a result, the December exhibition at the Kunst Museum Winterthur provides not only a sight onto the work of local artists, but also into it.

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Art 25 Basel

Four Honest Outlaws – Sala Ray Marioni Gordon

published by Michael Fried for the Yale University Press
In this strongly argued and characteristically original book, Michael Fried considers the work of four contemporary artists: video artist and photographer Anri Sala, sculptor Charles Ray, painter Joseph Marioni, and video artist and intervener in movies Douglas Gordon.
«Four Honest Outlaws» takes its title from a line in a Bob Dylan song, «To live outside the law you must be honest», meaning in this case that each of the four artists has found his own unsanctioned path to extraordinary accomplishment, in part by defying the ordinary norms and expectations of the contemporary art world.
Michael Fried will moderate a symposium «PAINTING NOW: A discussion taking off from the work of Joseph Marioni»,
The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC (USA), December 10, 2011

The Archive in the Worm

Verlag für Moderne Kunst, with essays by Andrés Duprat, Carl Friedrich Schröer and Raimund Stecker.
Published on the occasion of the eightpart transcontinental exhibition in Argentina, Germany and Switzerland.
«Martín Mele lives in a foreign land, it’s uncertain how foreign, how distant or familiar it is. For he has lived abroad for some time, actually forever. …»


published by modo Verlag on the occasion of the exhibition at Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil-Jona from April 7 until June 19, 2011.
with essays by Invar-Torre Hollhaus and Daniela Hardmeier.