Regionale 23 – We are so many here

Under the title We are so many here, the artists of the association board of the Basler Kunstverein exceptionally curate this year’s Regionale at Kunsthalle Basel. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Kunsthalle Basel, more than 50 artists will be brought together in a polyphonic, colorful, and resonant presentation. Kunsthalle Basel was founded in 1872 by artists for artists, among others, as a place of exchange, critical debate, and friendship, to “establish a site for visual arts,” as declared when its foundation stone was laid. In addition to its legendary exhibition spaces, Kunsthalle Basel also houses other cultural institutions under its roof, as well as the renowned Restaurant Kunsthalle. To mark its 150th birthday, Kunsthalle Basel is to be experienced in all its facets and taken over by artists in a playful and celebratory way—not to look at the past nostalgically, but to continue writing history afresh.

With Benjamin Tiberius Adler, Urs Aeschbach, Karin Borer, Raffaela Boss, Oliver-Selim Boualam, Hsuan-wei Chen, Kilian Dellers, Brendhan Dickerson, Baptiste Filippi and Loïc Urbaniak, Marcel Freymond and Michael Stulz, Lea Fröhlicher, Jean-Pierre Gigli, Daniel Göttin, Pascale Grau, Alice Guérin, Gilles Jacot, Hae Young Ji, Ana Jikia, Anas Kahal, Judith Kakon, Stefan Karrer, Aida Kidane, Lysann König, Vincent Kriste, Daniel Kurth, Doris Lasch, Heinrich Lüber, Céline Manz, Anina Müller, Mariana Murcia, Sinai Mutzner, Dawn Nilo, Jacob Ott, Parvez, Anastasia Pavlou, Noemi Pfister, Nina Rieben, Marion Ritzmann, Lea Rüegg, Dorothee Sauter, R. Sebastian Schachinger, Lilli Schaugg, Lisa Schittulli, Benoît Schmidt, Markus Schwander, Kathrin Siegrist, SOLAND ANGEL, Gregory Stäuble, Jürg Stäuble, Raphael Stucky, Katarina Sylvan, Inka ter Haar, Ilja Zaharov, Vital Z’Brun, Meng Zhang

We are so many here is part of the Regionale 23 and is curated on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Kunsthalle Basel by Rut Himmelsbach, Cécile Hummel, Sophie Jung, Edit Oderbolz, Hannah Weinberger, and Johannes Willi, current and former artist members of the association board of the Basler Kunstverein.